74th International Astronautical Congress

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Get the Opportunity to Join the IAC 2023 by Participating in the Call for Abstracts

On October 2-6, 2023, Azerbaijan will host the International Astronautical Congress dedicated to the theme "Global Challenges and Opportunities: Give Space a Chance".

Scientists from all over the world, including Azerbaijan, will have an opportunity to speak at 180 technical workshops and other events dedicated to the possibilities of space.

Azercosmos invites people engaged in science to actively participate in the science competition within the framework of the International Astronautical Congress which will take place in Baku! The competition gives participants the opportunity to present their scientific works or articles at the International Astronautical Congress, the largest space event in Baku.

As a part of the preparatory process of the congress to be held in Baku in 2023, Azercosmos invites Azerbaijani scientists and researchers to present their scientific works in the following fields:

· Science and research – impact of space on everyday life, space exploration, space debris, space systems and mission support machines, including extraterrestrial exploration;

· Applications and operations - ongoing and future operational applications, including Earth observation, communications, navigation, human space activities, and small satellites;

· Technology – general technologies for astrodynamics and space systems

· Infrastructure – systems supporting space missions, including space system transportation, future systems and security;

· Space and society - the interaction of space with society, including the influence of space in the fields of education, politics, economy, history and law;

· Innovations in space.


Who can participate in the competition:

Azerbaijani citizens, eligible at least for one of the below:

•       Current students

•       Young professionals (up to 35 years old)

•       Secondary or higher school teachers

•       Retired scientists, professors and teachers


The following scientific criteria are taken as a basis: 

•       Scientific work should be written in English in a Microsoft Word document

•       Each author can submit several articles

•       The content of the article should be a maximum of 400 words

•       The names of all involved authors should be mentioned. The article must be registered by the main author. After registering at https://iafastro.directory/iac/account/login/, the author must create an account and upload articles to the "restricted area" section

•       The deadline for abstract submission is February 27, 2023


The structure of the article should consist of the following:

•       All words in the title must be capitalized

•       The introductory part should state the main objective of the scientific work

•       Methodology section should indicate the methods used in the scientific work

•       Conclusions and discussions should indicate the final results of the scientific work and comments by author(s). The use of tables or graphs in the article is not allowed.

•       In the final part, it is desirable to express an opinion related to the article in one sentence


Deadlines for submission of scientific work and for competition:

•       Register abstracts of scientific article(s) on the website of the International Astronautical Federation https://iafastro.directory/iac/account/login/ and inform Azercosmos about it - 28 February 2023

•       After the article is approved by the Federation, inform Azercosmos; Present the article to Azercosmos in English - 31 May 2023

•       Announcement of the results - 30 June 2023

•       Prepare a presentation reflecting the explanation of the scientific article - 1 September 2023

•       Upload the complete research article on https://iafastro.directory/iac/account/login/ - 2 September 2023


Selection criteria:

        For authors:

•       Publication of author’s previous scientific works in international journals

•       Having experience in presenting scientific work at international events

•       High level of English language skills

•       Having the ability to express thoughts clearly in front of the public is an advantage.


Scientific works will be selected based on the following criteria:

•       Originality of ideas

•       Theoretical and practical contributions of the scientific work

•       Availability of quality argument(s)

•       Correct use of academic language


What awaits the selected authors?

The registration costs of the best scientific works’ authors at the International Astronautical Congress will be covered by Azercosmos. Participants will present their scientific papers to the Congress in front of the invited international space community. It should be noted that the final decision on the acceptance of scientific works will be made by the Program Committee of the International Astronautical Congress.

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