74th International Astronautical Congress

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Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is the leading force behind the development of innovative space ecosystem in Azerbaijan. Founded in 2010 as the first and only satellite operator in the Caucasus region, Azercosmos currently operates two telecommunication (Azerspace-1 and Azerspace-2) and one Earth observation (Azersky) satellites, successfully providing high quality and reliable services to partners across the globe.

Who we are

As the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we not only provide a broad spectrum of services and solutions via our 3 satellites, but also continuously expand the Research and Development activities aiming to facilitate the technological advancement, cooperate with international stakeholders and partners, participate in major global projects, and build the local know-how.

We focus on enhancing our operations, introducing new services and solutions, nurturing talent and the space community, both locally and internationally. Being committed to creating a better connected, developed and secure world for future generations, we aim to emerge as one of the driving forces in the global space industry.

Mission and vision


To provide customized solutions based on advanced technologies for peace and prosperity.


To establish Azerbaijan as one of the driving forces of the global space industry.


Team Spirit